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Entry #2

Up To Speed!

2016-12-19 12:46:12 by officialnitroedm

Alright, let's get Newgrounds up to speed with what's goin.

As you know, I'm Nitro, and I am a producer from the United States. I've been making music for about a year now and I'm liking it. I have many places for you all to download my music, even here on Newgrounds.

I use FL Studio 12 to make my music (currently). I used to use GarageBand and even older, Noviation Launchpad. However, my Noviation Launchpad stuff is now forgotten, since I deleted it completely. Want me to bring them back? let me know!

But I don't just do music, I also run a blog called Acro's Tech, in which I cover some topics in the world of tech. My latest one is how to transform your Windows 10 computer into Windows XP (visually). I'll put it as part of the contact websites. I also do Graphic Design. However, I really don't know where to put my graphics. So I'm thinking I'll put it here on Newgrounds.

Anyways, I'm proud to be back on Newgrounds as Nitro. Thanks!


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2016-12-19 13:09:33

welcome back!!

officialnitroedm responds:

Thanks! :D


2017-02-11 08:16:32

Just finished listening to your newest album, The Remix Collection EP. I can understand why you don't upload them on Newgrounds, since tracks like We Are Number One heavily run on the original content... and those two ear rapey moments make We Are Number One slightly painful. Tracks 2, 4 and 5 are wonderful. I was especially happy to see a remix of the Mii Plaza. More people need to take advantage of that tune and all of its different versions. I've never used a Mac, so I can't seem to fully appreciate the sounds of its startup. Still, thank you very much, Nitro.

If you ever decide to produce some more remixes, you really oughta go wild with them. Leave just enough to know itss source, but change things up to a point where it becomes your own. Good examples of what I'm typing about would be music from Blen here on NG and MazeDude from OCRemix.